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Showing all 2 results

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    KRUGER® ALTO-G Chimney Style Range Hood

    $598.00$668.00 + HST

    With a lineage lasting over millennia and limitless potential, glass and its transparency are the perfect supplements to the rigid opaque structure of stainless steel. The “ALTO G” inherits the best qualities of both materials, creating the perfect balance of delicate translucence and bold solidarity.

    Powered with the same trustworthy 500CFM centrifugal motor found in our other chimney-style range hoods, its tenacious performance will satisfy and relieve you. It also features dual dishwasher-safe aluminum mesh filters that make your cleaning routine convenient.

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    KRUGER® ALTO-H Under Cabinet Range Hood

    $1,098.00$1,198.00 + HST

    For those who desire the ultimate solution in kitchen ventilation, we are proud to offer something as agile and ambitious as you are.

    The ALTO-H provides professional-level ventilation, capable of tackling any style of cooking. At its essence, it is commercial-grade ventilation in your own kitchen. Powered by a highly durable, heavy-duty 720CFM motor, operated by a three-speed digital control panel, and equipped with auto-off convenience features. And its stainless steel baffle filters create a vacuum that generates phenomenal smoke capture and extraction.

    User-friendly features such as the dishwasher-safe stainless steel baffle filters will surely add convenience to your cleaning routine. The ALTO-H can cater to the most demanding chefs with its flawless and relentless operation.

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